The Fundamental Basics of Sex Meet Ups

If you have been lucky enough to be invited to a sex meet up, congratulate yourself. In fact, pat yourself on the back. You have achieved something great.


Now, you’re probably chuckling. You probably have that stupid “aw shucks” smile on your face. Fuck that false modesty. You did something big. Seriously.


You have to understand that a vast majority of guys who joined the typical sex meet up website leave in the exact same way as they went in. That’s right. They leave alone, dejected, feeling defeated, with their dicks in their hands.


Obviously, you did not end up at the same spot. You ended up with pussy, or at least you’re going to your first sex meet up.


So if you want to make it a success, listen up. The fundamental basics of the sex meet up really boils down to mindset. You have to come in with the right mindset, otherwise, you’re going to sabotage yourself and, chances are, that chick would never want to see you again.


I know it’s sad, I know it sounds depressing, but that’s the truth. You see, most guys sabotage and undermine themselves thinking at the back of their head that this chick is girlfriend material. Fuck that shit. Chicks who hang out at such websites already have lovers, okay? Or they got burned emotionally and they just want a rebound.


They just want clean, no strings attached, raw, hardcore, nasty sex, and nothing else. They’re not looking for you to solve their daddy issues. They’re not looking for you to put on a cape and play Superman. They’re definitely not looking at you to put on your shining armor and be the knight to their damsel in distress. They just want your dick.


So do yourself a big favor and deliver the experience that they’re looking for. They’re looking to cum many times over, they’re looking for no emotional attachments, they don’t want any emotional demands, they don’t want a heavy emotional atmosphere. They say “fuck that” to all that shit, and you need to be the guy who delivers with the sexy local women


So if you’re able to understand this fundamental basic reality, then you will succeed. Otherwise, you’re going to act like a total punk and you have nobody else to blame except yourself.